I (half) joke that the reason I became a travel writer was to escape the Victorian industrial town of my birth. Eventually, many years and circuitous turns later – including stints as a grape picker in France, a dancer in a Bolivian folkloric dance troupe and a volunteer in Peru, plus two years working in Mozambique – I eventually became a full-time travel writer.

I have contributed to over 30 Lonely Planet (LP) guide books and LP coffee table titles. My travel articles have been published in the Sydney Morning Herald, Sun-Herald, The Australian, West Australian and Daily Telegraph (UK) newspapers, plus Lonely Planet and Get Lost magazines and online at lonelyplanet.com and BBC Travel. Additionally, I've written an interactive iPhone app for visitors to Sydney, Australia.

An intrepid traveller, I regularly head off solo and write about many countries, though am a repeat visitor to South Africa, Bolivia, Mexico, Canada, Portugal, Greece, USA and Australia. Recent highlights include walking along Costa Vicentina on Portugal’s west coast with a donkey, hiking in the Chimanimani National Park in Zimbabwe and flying over the Mount Elias mountains in Canada, part of the world’s largest non-polar ice-field.

Highlights aside, it’s simple really: I love being curious. Connecting with people. Participating in their everyday lives. Talking with them. Eating with them. Dancing with them. Learning from them. And capturing my experiences in words and photos.

Connect with me @nomaditis, on LinkedIn or drop me a note via the contact page on this website.



***Professional Memberships***

Member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers (ASTW) and the North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA).